Kids Zone Courses Page


Join us for this wonderfully fun and engaging storytime where amazing books meet songs, rhymes, puppets and more. For the whole family, you won’t want to miss!

Book Clubs

You are invited to join us for one of our wonderful book clubs aimed at fostering a love of reading in your child and helping to build confident readers.

Readers of the Round Table
Join us for this course where reading is enjoyed by all. This course focusing on building reading skills through group reading while helping children build their reading confidence.

Books 2 Movies Club
Join us for a fun filled book club for kids, where each session a new book is selected. We meet weekly to read the book and on the last meeting day, we get to watch the movie.

Sit, Stay, Read
Join us for this wonderful program where you can practice your reading skills on a nonjudgemental listener: dogs! Therapy dogs come into our library to listen to you read, and boy do they love hearing stories.

Hands on Courses

You are invited to join us for our fun courses that will have you using your imagination and creating wonderful things.

Discovery Time
Join us for this awesome program where we explore the wonderful world of science through wonderfully messy projects. Come prepared to get your hands dirty!

Game Time
Join us as we play together and have fun! Whether it’s board games, video games or even group participation games, you will be glad you stopped by.

Craft Corner
Join us as we create wonderful projects, learn new skills or sharpen the ones you have. This program will have an array of projects for you to create, with a different project each week.

Construction Zone
Join us as we build amazing projects. From Legos to paper airplanes we will construct cool things, whether it’s altogether as a team or individually, one thing’s for sure… we will have a blast!